Finally, a system to analyze, improve and grow your WooCommerce store predictably

Get new clients like clockwork, amaze them with experience and sell more.

  • without painful store downtimes
  • with smoothly running checkout and product pages
  • with perfectly integrated payment solutions
  • with steady flowing stream of sales and clients

How are you handling your WooCommerce store currently?

Choose the option for personalized content

Is WooCommerce your e‑commerce tool of choice?

This is for you if:

  • You are a WooCommerce merchant with bought inventory and employees
  • You explore new opportunities migrating to the WooCommerce software platform
  • You sell online and get a considerable income monthly
  • You increase your traffic waiting for your e-commerce idea to pay off
  • You are eager to fix a few unforeseen issues
  • You seek optimization and business growth
  • Your WooCommerce store requires primer development
  • You need a reliable team of developers available at all times
  • You want a helping hand for now as your team is unavailable for a short moment
  • You look for WooCommerce-related technical answers and plans

WooCommerce is thriving, having a 37% share of the entire market in 2022 which makes it one of the best tools in the market currently. You made a great choice, you just need to figure out the best use for it.


share of the entire market in 2022

Still experiencing such issues with your store?

  • Unforeseen online store downtimes
  • Incompatibilities and plugin conflicts
  • Wordpress, WooCommerce, and extensions updates are missing
  • Checkout inconveniences distracting clients from purchasing
  • Payment methods require adjustment, some of they payments are not getting through
  • New theme you wanted to try is crushing the look of your store
  • The migration procedure is taking a longer time than expected
  • The loading speed is slow, ruining the customer's experience
  • Challenges with Emails do not let you reach your audience
  • Current server configurations do not meet your actual needs
  • Your outsourced technical support requires much time to fix bugs; thus, you lose clients

E-commerce is challenging - we know that, but succeeding merchants know the secret to winning with WooCommerce and we would gladly share them with you.

Get your FREE Store Audit now »
(in 24 hours to your e-mail)
Now, imagine...

Waking daily up to a flawlessly running store dealing only with the challenges you want to

It could look like this
  • Your WooCommerce online store is always adjusted and runs on autopilot
  • You do not need to monitor every single detail since your trusted team knows your priorities
  • You deal with strategic tasks and planning, not going to the developing part
  • No more leakages. You do waste money for unnecessary services, quick fixes and repairs
  • You optimized your online store to bring you the highest possible income
  • You now have the resources to grow, imagine new locales, audiences, and positioning
  • Your partners track updates, perform them promptly and report on a weekly basis
  • Your trusted team handles all the bottlenecks and proactively suggest what can be done next
  • If case of questions, your support is available, 24/7 to answer you
  • You get more sales, traffic, and loyalty from your returning customers

Even though it may sound like a dream - it’s not. It is the reality of multiple stores already run and maintained for our customers in WooCommerce. You are the business owner, not a shop manager; therefore, your focus should be on strategic things. Learn how to make the shift.

It’s not a secret!

As an e-commerce owner running a shop on WooCommerce, you need to take specific STEPS that help you reach that next level.

These steps are continuously used across multiple niches and shops we run to help our partners grow their shops.

1. Audit the “leakage”, spot the low hanging fruits and point the quick wins

Get priceless information on your online store's current condition and determine how to improve it!

For example, you will find exciting growth points by measuring the loading speed only. Then, check the configuration settings, hosting plans, code, and even if your plugins go like clockwork. Do not forget about traffic and customer journey.

Ensure your design and content are catchy and search engine optimization is proper.

By the way, perhaps you see that you can grow organic traffic instead of the paid one? We went through many stores and developed our practices to quickly determine your webshop's strengths and weaknesses.

2. Competitor Teardown, steal what's great, ditch what is useless - throw a bit of your magic sand

Analyze whats’s going on in your niche!

Competition makes the market grow; everyone knows it. So the analysis is vital for any business; thankfully, there’re plenty of great tools to help you get started.

  • First, see other resellers' popular products, features, plugins, and offers.
  • Second, determine how your store can win by implementing the tricks reasonably to adjust your business and stand out.

We use our in-house tools and paid subscriptions to software and become a bit more than developers. Indeed, who sees every slightest detail of a competitive WooCoomerce store better than programming partners?

3. Bulletproof growth blueprint - plan for goals to actually see the progress

Build the schedule based on the previous research to see the deadline for the adjustments.

The blueprint includes lists of tasks, your priorities in their performance, and their value to the store. In general, it looks motivating!

Thus, gearing success, we show you our plans, routines, and metrics. We explain your store's growing and developing path. You’ll know what is happening there since we value transparency. Being proactive in solving issues, we inform of any point the owner has to decide. Thus, you benefit without hesitations!

4. Execute like hell (short and sweet)

Complete the tasks day by day. Then, working with your team or yourself, you may use your practices to determine how your online store will look and function.

If you want the process improvement, we will show you the one!

To meet your needs, we talk them over and come to you with ideas. Then, we share updates and sprint results with you weekly. Thus, you are constantly aware of your WooCommerce store.

Furthermore, the convenient communication channel lets you contact us 24/7 if any questions occur!

You may wonder...

What is the fastest way to implement all this knowledge in your store as easily as possible?

It's a proven, tried, and tested approach that allows us to match your level of requirements at any stage of your scale. So no matter what stage you are in - there is always a way to pick it up and grow.

See some example scenarios below

One-time fix

WooLeap gives you immediate assistance with one issue.

The best option if you need a fast solution.

FREE for once Get now

One month of woocommerce fast-lane

We provide guidance, store maintenance, timely updates, and fixes for one month.

The best option if you want to test our services.

997 EUR Get now

Growth oriented strategy session

WooLeap answers the WooCommerce-related questions

The opportunity to discuss your questions when you want to handle things yourself or just check our approach

FREE for once Get now

Year of store growth into excellence

WooLeap provides guidance, store maintenance, timely updates, and fixes for one year

You want to lock the support for you and make sure there is no other way for you to succeed. You want our premium 24/7 care and the best price

Ask on a call Get now

If your needs differ, let us know - it all starts with learning your specific situation.

Quick question to help us see your situation better

Are you thinking big or just needing to fix some painful issues?

Choose the option for personalized content

Does any of those sound familiar?

  • Hesitations about technical solutions to implement and tech speaking people
  • Thoughts of changing hosting provider or having issues with configuration settings
  • Looking for incompatibilities in handling various devices
  • Lack of coding skills that might leave you in the dark when the dev team is offline
  • No see reasons but low sales, demanding to investigate why

Or maybe in terms of strategy there is something missing?

  • Developers are only talking about technical issues
  • Nobody is interested in your long-term plans
  • There is no care about loading times, your ROI, margins
  • There is no one to listen about your strategy, market approach, or uniqueness
  • You have to divide development, marketing, and strategy into different partners

Guess what? We have great news for you in BOTH cases!

After working with many e-commerce solutions, we learned that strategy and development go side by side. There is no point in implementing cutting-edge features in your shop if they don't bring you more revenue; therefore, both business and development must be considered.

Some real work done for clients

These Strategy Sessions turned into real money down the line, see how we helped them

Kristian, Kaare, Tina, Ellena and 9 others

are already growing their businesses since our cooperation.

E-commerce Launch

Helsevern AS

Helsevern is an e-commerce created from scratch for a very particular need - to help people protect their health using different kinds of face masks.

See Helsevern AS online
E-commerce Maintenance


Lilleprinsen is one of the leading Norway shops for children - selling various items from clothes through children daily care items as far as baby carriage. Having multiple categories and lots of items really is stretching WooCommerce capabilities.

See Lilleprinsen live
E-commerce Extension


LeCharm Detox Tea is a great tasting and perfectly smelling tea that helps in a few various different life areas, boosting energy, helping burn fat and fighting stress. Created to support people in their daily life, delivered in a subscription model.

See LeCharm online
E-commerce Design


Junior-Barneklaer is an ecommerce built for a physical shopping center shops in Norway located in Sandvika and Storo. Junior-Barneklaer offers variety of clothing brands around young children. What began with a simple idea of moving sales online and supporting the physical retail turned out to be a great business boosting tool.

Watch Junior-Barneklaer live
4.97 based on 46 reviews

How long would it take us to spot some low hanging fruits in your ecommerce store? Let’s find out, either way - you’re not paying anything.

Wrapping up,

Here are the benefits that can work for you in no time?

Precisely the same as they work for our other partners

  • Get the efficient operation of your store while you deal with strategy and business growth.
  • Acquire a team of developers to answer your questions on chat 24/7
  • You may come with any technical task - the WooLeap team is here to cover you
  • If your heart leaps with our approach - we are open to long-term collaboration
  • We have basic plans. You may select the one you need

It doesn't stop there, soon you start experiencing the following

  • The highest customer satisfaction rates Making clients happy is your store's mission. Returning customers are the gratitude for your excellent job.
  • Increased revenues Your increased income is the way to development and living.
  • Openness for strategic planning Focus on your calling instead of technical aspects. WooLeap is here for you.
  • Timely updates A trusted team of developers, designers, and business people will track the necessity to boost your online store. You will hardly notice it.
  • Working sales funnels With the set Emails for your WP store, you will keep in touch with clients, reminding and notifying them about significant events.
  • Online store growth Expand your sales for new markets, locales, and countries. When you make up the decision - WooLeap dev support will cover it!
  • Experienced partners WooLeap handles all the maintenance details and runs the store.

There is no point in your e-Commerce staying for months in the same place just because all of the progress is made thanks to your personal knowledge and skills (which only grows when you have time to learn). You need someone actually to drag you into new heights.

Hypothetically, let’s say we might have a tiny bit of your interest

How would it look to take a glimpse of what’s around the corner?

Here is exactly what would happen

  • 1. Claim your Strategy Session and pick a date that suits you, leaving your contact details.
  • 2. Get a short e-mail intro about the steps needed to make the best use of your time.
  • 3. Feel free to ask any questions regarding your WooCommerce store.
  • 4. WooLeap experienced developers learn your case and guide you to the solution.
  • 5. We can fix it directly on your staging or test store if you permit us.
  • 6. We will determine the optimization ways for your store.

Running a successful WooCommerce store takes more than technical know-how - it also requires regular maintenance and troubleshooting to keep things running smoothly.

If there is a case that you might consider us working together, then…

  • Consider your priorities if you would like to delegate technical tasks and lay out the whole plan of collaboration to show you the big picture
  • Setup weekly meetings to constantly keep you updated and show how the project is progressing
  • Agree and track KPIs that allow us to stay consistent in delivery, and you see measurable progress
  • Talk to your team if you are at some point confident enough to słowly step out of the constant activities

Since the long journey begins with one tiny step, we sugest starting with a free Strategy Session

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You’re happy - or you get your money back. Simple as that, we work for a whole month delivering the jobs we agreed upon, and if somehow you decide to back up from the collaboration, we will refund your money - no questions asked.

WooLeap respects your information security.

We respect your security and privacy and never demand access credentials to your live store on the talk and will do our best to assist you without them.

Let us step in Your Shoes to understand your business and Improve WooCommerce Store

Book Free Strategy Session According to Your Niche and Situation
  • You will get help no matter your online store niche, product number, or load.
  • We will guide you on the best practices for your store: hosting, server, theme, and plugins.
  • We assist with the existing set of extensions and resolve incompatibilities.
  • You are the person who determines the course for your business.
  • We may communicate via video or audio call, presentation, or chat.

Few words on what you can expect from your Strategy Session

  • WooLeap deals with stores of any level and any niche It may be a newly created webshop or one with thousands of products and massive traffic; we figure out a way to improve its operation.
  • You can come prepared with questions Send us questions via email so we can read them before talking to you.
  • Your technical questions are more than welcome Prepare the list of questions you need the answers to. Then, WooLeap guides you on the adjustment stage, new extension installation, or any bottlenecks.
  • WooLeap resolves one WooCommerce issue on your store. If you need a fast fix, WooLeap is ready! We will be in touch with you to navigate your store and make changes to make it run.
  • Set the course for your online store improvement If your store operates well, but you wonder if you could sell more, WooLeap will find out the opportunities of the flexible WooCommerce for you!
  • The conversation is secure WooLeap respects the privacy and security of its clients. We do not need access credentials in vain. There are staging or test store options, video connections, and presentations. Keep what your case requires!
  • WooLeap consultation is free of charge It is a 100% free offer. You will not meet any extra charges for our job until you get all your questions answered or one issue resolved.

Ask about the “so-called” WooLeap effect and we may reveal you a little secret

What happens on the Strategy Session stays on Strategy Session...

Who Are We?

Wooleap is fast, secure, and reliable WooCommerce technical support! We have been working since … We gathered the best developers and specialists in our Team to cover the needs of any webshop.

Our Mission

We believe there are no two same online stores. It is not just niches, designs, and processes, but the soul every store owner puts into their creation! Thus, our mission is to reveal uniqueness. WooLeap Team is here to cover you and be happy when you reach the stars!

Why WooCommerce?

  • WooCommerce merchants benefit and earn with this free and flexible software platform.
  • No coding skills are required to launch a WooCommerce store when there is a WooLeap team.
  • WooCommerce is an excellent choice for any niche and product.
  • WooLeap knows how to use the platform's flexibility: it will adjust any theme, payment method, or email.
  • The Dev team keeps maintaining the given online stores and updating elements.
  • WooCommerce boasts a vast community to find solutions and partners.

Common Hesitations when inviting new partners

We aim to build trust and want you to feel secure and convenient talking with us about your business. So, let us answer the most popular hesitations.

  • Is the Strategy Session free?

    Yes. We answer your questions and fix one issue free of charge.

  • What if I do not like your consultation?

    Yes. We answer your questions and fix one issue free of charge.

  • Do your demand to share access?

    Yes. We answer your questions and fix one issue free of charge.

  • Can you help me without coming to my store?

    Yes. We answer your questions and fix one issue free of charge.

  • What prices do you usually ask?

    Yes. We answer your questions and fix one issue free of charge.

  • Is it safe to get a consultation with you?

    Yes. We answer your questions and fix one issue free of charge.

  • If you resolve my one issue, what is the price for the next one?

    Yes. We answer your questions and fix one issue free of charge.

  • What is the qualification of your developers?

    Yes. We answer your questions and fix one issue free of charge.

  • I handle the store myself or with my developer, which is fine now.

    Yes. We answer your questions and fix one issue free of charge.

  • I’d rather not share my access details at the first consultation.

    Yes. We answer your questions and fix one issue free of charge.

  • It seems the cost is too high for you.

    Yes. We answer your questions and fix one issue free of charge.

WooLeap Team is eager to assist you in running your online store

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