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Meet WooLeap

Bringing people to your store and turning them into satisfied paying customers is what we do best.

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Updated: 1st November • Works with 31+ E-comm niches

  • without increasing your adspend
  • in every type of e-commerce
  • boosting sales in 30 days or less

What to expect in the first place?

  • Straightforward precise insight on your e-commerce
  • Clarity on the needed usability improvements
  • Lightweight, lightning-fast checkout experiences
  • Increased average order values
  • Lower costs of client acquisition and bigger LTV
  • Useful analytics and insights, iterative improvements

World Class Stores already growing thanks to WooLeap

See for yourself…


Children store

„selling various items from clothes through children daily care items as far as baby carriage. Having multiple categories and lots of items really is stretching WooCommerce capabilities.”

Diet Supplements

„With a cleverly built in survey called Testosterone-quiz viewers can address their testosterone needs online and pick a package of the product personalized for their needs.”


Customizable stickers

„create stickers in various shapes and sizes with different patterns, pictures and texts. Clients can customize the sticker and bulk order from the shop.”

Grab the FREE e-commerce growth workbook
Updated: 1st November • Works with 31+ E-comm niches

So, Woo-what?

How much money are you leaving on the table right now? If your store lacks clarity, doesn’t convey the necessary trust and overwhelms your visitors with unnecessary details ... then it’s not going to reach its full potential in terms of sales and profits.

Thats where WooLeap jumps in

After reviewing dozens of online stores I’ve noticed that almost ALL of them are making the same conversion-killing mistakes - we help you solve them and unlock the flow of sales.

WooLeap is the secret to a predictable growth of your e-commerce

You could be just three easy steps away from reaching another 100… 200… 1000 sales per day.


Going alone and lonely

  • Lack of clarity and direction in store growth
  • Deminishing of store traffic and slowing down sales
  • Confusing store elements that distract buyer
  • Loosing trust of the buyers for good

Growing your store with WooLeap

  • Straightforward path to hitting the monthly quota
  • Steady growth of repeating clients
  • Increased sales on the same ad-budget
  • immediate drop in customer acquisition costs
Do you like the feeling of Clarity when things go well?

Then just have a look at our workbook sharing some of the golden nuggets

Grab the FREE e-commerce growth workbook
Updated: 1st November • Works with 31+ E-comm niches

We convert YOU into happy, healthy (& wealthy) e-commerce owner

Simply saying - we help you on your buyers complete journey. Getting people interested In your products on platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Google and Tiktok… and bring them to your store.

If you’ve ever been buying something online and you clicked on ad… chances are you have not bought the product every time - because the page you landed on hasn’t convinced you to do so!

Ang guess what? You’re clients also escape your store sometime (We’re here to change that for good!)

But That’s not all WooLeap Does

WooLeap Gives you everything you need to grab the attention, present, sell and deliver the products you offer.

All as one value packed service!
WooLeap starts with

Turning your store into conversion Machine

Growing your store with the help of developers and designers that just want to paint you a pretty picture is the thing of the past. Drill down into every aspect of your online store and squeeze every last drop of conversions from every single store element.

With WooLeap, you will…
  • Improve the foundation of the store first to not waste money on running traffic through a leaky bucket which means at least 2x or 3x better results of current traffic
  • Take advantage of every possible upsel or crossel occasion to grab the additional cash that wasn’t even considered possible at first
  • Avoid loosing visitors for good due the lack of trust in the first impression and build relationships that will at-lest get your buyer engaged
WooLeap works with:
Grab the FREE e-commerce growth workbook
Updated: 1st November • Works with 31+ E-comm niches

Grab the FREE e-commerce growth workbook
Updated: 1st November • Works with 31+ E-comm niches

WooLeap starts with

Your FREE source of sales aka Organic Reach

If you rely only on paid traffic sources you know how risky it is when things change in algorithms, its even worse if your traffic comes only one platform. You want your traffic to be diversified and ballanced so that no iOS update of Facebook ban can shake you.

With WooLeap, you get…
  • Thoughtful, long-term strategy for SEO based visits that is evergreen and drives warm traffic that contains buyer with intent, already looking up your product
  • Immortality to bans, platform changes, software updates and ability to Thrive on your own - even when there is no platform to advertise and no budget for ads!
  • Calculated priority of things to address in order to bring the most value so you can determine which ones are logical to take care of first
WooLeap considers:
WooLeap starts with

Your BOOSTED traffic from Paid Ads

Putting the gasoline on fire by getting customers to your store with paid traffic while you already have organic reach is the best way that no-one is talking about because it requires effort.

With WooLeap, you will…
  • Foundations required to make your campaigns run smoothly, configured tracking pixels, prospecting campaigns, audiences and retargeting all done for you
  • Creatives, copywriting and strategic ideas provided to you based on your product and current sales goals without worrying about creators and influencers
  • Platform specific content and management adjusted to your needs weather it is TikTok, Facebook, YouTube or good old Google ads - running on your account
WooLeap works with:
Grab the FREE e-commerce growth workbook
Updated: 1st November • Works with 31+ E-comm niches

Grab the FREE e-commerce growth workbook
Updated: 1st November • Works with 31+ E-comm niches

WooLeap starts with

Buyer nurturing and LTV extension

Email marketing to follow-up with your customers is massive when it comes to scaling your online business to the moon.

With WooLeap, you get…
  • Collect and automate the marketing activities based on your clients preferences, easily store all the information and reuse it to sell more
  • Build out, test and send automated email, sms and push communication with targeted offers that your buyer will appreciate
  • Experience upsell and crossel possibilites for your product and services that could lift up your revenue by 10%, 20% or even 30%
WooLeap considers:
WooLeap starts with

You Insightful Analytics

Data is king. Without it, you could be creating the wrong offers for the wrong traffic, and wasting a whole bunch of time and moolah.

With WooLeap you master analytics
  • Get clear data on what’s working and what’s not working in your store, with instant reporting and ability to tweak things basically on the fly
  • Track open rates, click-through rates, page conversion rate, average cart value, and more down to each action of your user
  • See how are progressing and gain insightful look and ability to predict your sales
WooLeap works with:
Grab the FREE e-commerce growth workbook
Updated: 1st November • Works with 31+ E-comm niches

WooLeap gives you evryting you need to run a scuccesful online store

Plus all the extras to keep the machine running well
  • Strategic Thinking

    Helping you figuring out new or best angles for your products

  • Copywriting

    Writing compelling copy for your pages, ads, e-mail or sms marketing

  • Creatives

    Designing your ads for different platform, static and video

  • Development

    Tweaking the functionalities on your store if needed

  • Organic SEO

    Foundation of the traffic running to your store without ads

  • Communication

    Setting up the email, sms and push marketing channels

  • Ad Management

    Running your ads on platform that gives you best returns

  • More

    Connecting the dots together on a plan to skyrocket your sales

Try some of our tactics for free and witness the growth for yourself in 30 days or less.

Grab the FREE e-commerce growth workbook
Updated: 1st November • Works with 31+ E-comm niches

Trusted by fast growing stores

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to build trust and want you to feel secure and convenient talking with us about your business. So, let us answer the most popular hesitations.

  • Is the Strategy Session free?

    Yes. We answer your questions and fix one issue free of charge.

  • What if I do not like your consultation?

    WooLeap does its best for it never to happen. Yet, let us remind you, you get no obligation to pay or subscribe to anything booking the free strategy session.

  • Do your demand to share access?

    If your case requires sharing access, you can do it. However, we do not demand it. Instead, we can use video calls, presentations, screenshots, staging, or test websites. It may require time, but you will receive the answers and the job done.

  • Can you help me without coming to my store?

    Yes, we can answer all your questions based on your shared information. If we have assumptions, we will clarify your data.

  • What prices do you usually ask?

    We have four basic pricing options: the one-time fix, technical support for a month or a year, and consultation. You may see them on the table. However, if your needs are different, our managers evaluate your case and will make you a special offer.

  • Is it safe to get a consultation with you?

    During the conversation, we guarantee the safety of your information. We do not ask for access details. If you want us to look at your store personally, here are the recommendations for doing it safely. You will receive our answers and may path them to your devs or decide on our cooperation.

  • If you resolve my one issue, what is the price for the next one?

    You may discuss it with our manager or use the basic pricing plan.

  • What is the qualification of your developers?

    WooLeap team gathered WooCommerce developers who devoted all their effort to WooCommerce stores. Our team made many merchants win with their businesses with experience, learned practices, and individual approaches. We have the mission to keep doing this for you. You will see it during the first Strategy Session!

  • I handle the store myself or with my developer, which is fine now.

    A WooCommerce platform is an infinite tool for business owners! But, when you succeed, you may need the freedom to think strategically instead of fixing downtimes. Also, one has to learn to gain new skills. Thus, you might need the one-time help of our developers.

  • I’d rather not share my access details at the first consultation.

    The free consultation is possible without sharing access to your live store. You may explain the issue, send your screenshots, record videos, and ask questions. If you want us to check your store, you may adjust permissions and give us access to the identical staging website.

  • It seems the cost is too high for you.

    We value every customer and every store. Thus, approaching issues individually, we suggest the price that you will like. After the free consultation, you will receive your answers and consider the payment plans and options to match your needs the best.

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